Pet Statistics and Growing Trends

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The pet business continues to boom with an overall focus of health across the board. Here are the hottest things happening right now and what we can expect in the future.

Natural Pet Products

Natural pet products continue to grow in popularity. That’s because most pet owners understand the high levels of toxicity in synthetic products plus there’s more of a concern for the environment.

The biggest natural pet products right now are:

  • Holistic foods
  • Cat litter
  • Holistic grooming products
  • All-natural flea and tick products
  • Natural fiber toys

Specialty Pet Services

Pet services continue to grow with the increase in popularity. These aren’t always conveniences, but some things that are needed for the pet to maintain a happy life. The most common right now are:

  • Dog training
  • Pet sitting
  • Holistic and upscale spa services like massage and Reiki
  • Pet photography
  • Pet behavioral consulting
  • Self-serve dog washes
  • Yoga
  • Pet communicators

Other Popular Trends

As pet owners continue to increase their spending, luxuries seem to be topping many of the lists for trending products and services. Some other popular trends occurring now include:

Mobile pet grooming – special vehicles arrive at your home to perform grooming services.

Pet-friendly travel – hospitality and vacation locations are catering to pet owners and their furry friends.

Travel apps – apps that help to connect consumers with places to take their dogs and cats.

Pet health insurance – while they’ve been around for some time, popularity is getting larger recently.

What to Look for in the Future

As we move forward, you are going to see some more trends emerging. Pet parents are expected to see continued increases in the industry and spend more money shortly. Online shopping sites, like Amazon, have been selling record amounts of pet products and those numbers will continue to increase. Look for more innovative services, concepts and products to emerge over the next year.

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