Pet Wellness

For a healthy adult pet, we recommend a visit to our clinic


Since pets age at a much quicker rate than humans, these visits will become increasingly important in early detection of any changes in their health. 

Prevention is the key to your pet’s long-term health. For that reason, the veterinarians and medical team at Derry Animal Hospital recommend your pet receive a complete wellness examination once a year.

If your pet has a health problem or issue that can be detected in its early stages, there is a far greater likelihood it can be resolved and treated with less difficulty, less expense and greater success.

To make sure we are providing your pet with the best possible care, we follow the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) guidelines, standards and protocols and our staff consistently works with outside specialists to ensure we are up to date on the latest technology and cutting edge procedures. We also follow the guidelines of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to reduce the risk of zoonotic disease (diseases transmitted from animals to humans) transmission.


At Derry Animal Hospital, we can keep your pets happy and healthy by utilizing the following:

Regular examinations are our chance to assess your pet’s overall health, discuss any changes we see, educate and update you on advancements in medical care and for you to discuss any concerns or questions you may have. Derry Animal Hospital has developed programs for every stage of your pet’s life to best meet the health needs unique to your companion.

During your pet’s annual wellness exam your veterinarian will:

  • Examine teeth, throat and oral cavity
  • Check vision and examine the eyes
  • Examine the ears for infection, ear mites, allergic reaction and other related health issues
  • Examine the respiratory system
  • Assess your pet’s heart
  • Test your pet’s reflexes
  • Palpate lymph nodes and abdomen
  • Inspect the skin
  • Palpate joints and muscles for arthritis and other orthopedic conditions
  • Complete blood work, including parasite and metabolic function screen, to check for problems and create a baseline should your pet become ill between wellness visits

We also take the time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and keep you up to date on all the information you need to be the best caregiver to your pet. Good communication between you and your pet’s doctor ensures your beloved companion is receiving the optimal care and attention he deserves so he can live a long, healthy life.

On average, veterinary physical exams discover three additional health concerns than what is known by the pet owner.

Although a comprehensive exam is imperative, it may not tell the whole story. Monitoring lab parameters, such as blood analysis and urinalysis each year, alerts us of potentially threatening trends of the internal organs and helps identify internal disease at the earliest stage possible.

Another important aspect of wellness care during the examination process is educating clients. Together as partners, we can ensure that your pets receive all they need to live long and healthy lives.

Feel free to ask us any questions. And of course, we take it upon ourselves to keep you in the know.

We also offer annual blood screenings for all of our patients. If done routinely, these screenings will help our doctors detect potential diseases before they become a serious issue. If caught early, many common diseases can be managed through dietary modifications. Since pets usually don’t exhibit symptoms of many serious diseases, such as kidney or liver disease, until the disease is in its advanced stages, early detection leads to early treatment and can prolong your pet’s life.

Ensuring you have convenient and timely access to competitively priced medications is an important aspect of our veterinary practice. Derry Animal Hospital offers an in-house pharmacy, which means your pet will receive precisely the right medication, at the right dose, and in the right form as quickly as possible.

We will also provide you with detailed instructions on the medication’s use, discuss any side effects or interactions and even give your pet the first dose if possible. You can feel confident all the medications we dispense were obtained from safe, reliable sources and stored under the right conditions.

We maintain an extensive inventory of prescription diets, vitamins, shampoos, flea and tick control products, and Heartworm preventatives to meet your pet’s needs. Refills are easy, too. Simply submit a request online or give us a call at (603) 432-3700.

Get the best care for your best friend.

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